vHighlights #005

Some highlights from VMware ecosystem and Virtualisation in general from the past 7 days. Announcements, discoveries, and useful bits-and-bobs found on  the internet. Week ending 9th April 2017.

  • VMworld 2017 registration is now open. Following the date change on the European event into September, tickets for both the US and EU events were launched at the same time this year. Early-Bird pricing lasts into June. C8kM2rJWAAALv6c
  • OVH Announces Intent to Acquire VMware vCloud Air Business. It’s not a huge surprise that the running-a-datacentre part of the vCloud Air business is leaving the roost at VMware. VMware’s direction over the past couple of years has led to the Cloud Foundation platform and the potential ability to move a vSphere workload from on-premises to cloud to cloud with VMware-owned hosting no longer holding the limelight as the preferred solution. The cross-cloud architecture and the vCloud Air Network (vCAN) should mean that the vCloud Air model continues, but just as another independent vSphere cloud in the sky.
  • vSAN 6.6 will be launched in the next few days. Some good features are being added in this release- including encryption for data at rest, this should work not only with VM loads, but also the iSCSI connectivity that was introduced in 6.5 last year.
  • At the London VMUG meeting this week, VCDX Sam McGeown gave a talk about automating his home lab with the Amazon Alexa. Whilst I’m not convinced that we’ll all be dropping our keyboards and mice to manage infrastructures by voice- it does give a good example of interfacing, APIs and vRealize Orchestrator. And it’s very cool.

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