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Microsoft Future Decoded 2015

November 2015 saw the return of Microsoft’s Future Decoded event to the ExCel Center in London. I didn’t make it last year (it was a week after TechEd Europe and I was all Microsofted out!) so I’ve been looking forward to the Tech Day of this event since the registration notice back in May. This is my summary of the day. Continue reading

Network Commands in VB.NET

A couple of useful network commands in Visual BASIC .NET (2005). These are the equivalents of doing ping and nslookup from the command prompt. The variable sIPAddress in these examples is a string containing the IP to test, i.e. ""


Scripted silent install of Visual Basic 6.0

I recently had a need to install Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition on a number of machines using a batch file script and a silent -unattended – installation process. Given the age of the application I thought this would be quite straightforward and well documented, but there were a number of hurdles to clear on the way so here is my solution.

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