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Quick Tip- Azure SQL Server Connectivity


  1. An application server in Azure can’t connect to an IaaS SQL Server on Windows (also in Azure).
  2. The Connection Troubleshoot utility in the Azure Portal says network connectivity between the App server and SQL server on port 1433 is allowed:
  3. PowerShell Test-NetConnection on the App server shows that communication with the SQL Server is blocked on port 1433


Windows Firewall on the SQL Server is blocking communications from the App Server


Add a rule to the Windows Firewall on the SQL Server to allow SQL Traffic. See Microsoft Docs for details on how to do this.

TechEd Europe 2014

TechEd Europe 2014- SQL Server Management

DBI-B220 – Introduction to SQL Server Management for the Non-DBA

A very interesting and entertaining session to round off Tuesday. This covered the things IT Pros need to do when they need to run SQL Server- backups, restores, checking for corruption, and more.

Here are my 5 key points from the session. This was definitely one of those sessions which I could have listed many more from!

  1. Keep the number of TempDB files down. 8 is a good number, and set growth to 1GB increments
  2. Corruption Will Happen. Check for it. Deal with it.
  3. Backup regularly. Try a daily full backup and transactional backups every 10-15 minutes for starters.
  4. Good Indexing can speed up your queries. Too much slows down your iNSERT/UPDATE/DELETE tasks
  5. Keep your statistics up to date



DBI-B220 Talk at Tech-Ed Europe 2014.