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70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012R2

I sat, and passed, the Microsoft 70-410 exam in Windows Server 2012R2 last week. Whilst I’m not going to report everything on the test (both because I’m not allowed to, and because I can’t remember all the details) hopefully this post will provide a few pointers for others studying for the exam. Continue reading

Microsoft UK Tech.Days Windows 8 Camp

2013-04-17 15.36.58Held at the De Vere New Place near Southampton this was a very different experience to the other Microsoft events I have been to in the past. Firstly the audience was much smaller, more like 60 than 600 attendees. Also, this wasn’t in a lecture room or a darkened cinema, but the room was arranged with us sat at circular tables, (with power for laptops) and the whole day was much more interactive.

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Internet Explorer text all in italics

I opened IE this morning (this machine is IE7 on Windows XP) and nearly all the text on every page was in italic. Now assuming that various companies including Microsoft, Google, and my employer hadn’t suddenly decided that italics was the new marquee I decided the fault was probably localised to my computer.
The solution turned out to be in the fonts. Continue reading