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Dell Latitude Numbering- 2017 Edition

Ever wondered what those four-digit model numbers used on Dell Latitude devices (for example “Latitude 7275”) mean? This helpful guide should answer your questions.

Dell Latitude Laptop

First Digit

This shows the range the device belongs to. 3 is used the entry level “Essential” models, 5 on the mid range “Mainstream”, and 7 the high end “Premium” devices. Also referred to as the 3000, 5000, and 7000 series.

Second Digit

The second number indicates the screen size. A 2 means the screen is roughly 12” diagonal, 3 means 13”, 4 means 14” and so on. For example the Latitude 7280 has a 12.5” inch screen

Third Digit

The third digit indicates the generation. At time of writing (Jan 2017) we’re currently seeing the tail of the generation 7 models (primarily based on the Intel Skylake chipsets), and the start of the generation 8 (primarily “Kaby Lake” but some Skylake devices will be available for Windows 7 compatibility)being released. Models are roughly equivalent between generations- for example the 7270 is superseded by the 7280 both are premium laptops with roughly 12 inch screens.

Fourth Digit

The final digit currently denotes the type of device. A 0 indicates a traditional laptop, a 5 indicates a device with a detachable keyboard (the style of the Microsoft Surface Pro)- for example the Latitude 7275, and a 9 indicates the new convertible, fold-back, device (similar in style to the Lenovo Yoga devices).

Unable to Save Email Settings in SAN HQ


When modifying the email settings in the Dell EqualLogic SAN Headquarters application, the following error message appears:

The SAN HQ was unable to save the recent e-mail notification changes.

Unable to save changes to the group (GroupName) due to insufficient access permissions or administrative credentials. Verify that your account has all required permissions and administrator-level access to update the selected group.


The credentials of the account running SAN HQ do not have sufficient permissions on the server.


Close SAN HQ, re-open with elevated permissions (right-click on the icon and choose “Run As Administrator”). The modification should now be possible.

This worked in v3.1.0.7890 of the application, connecting to a single, local, server and two EqualLogic groups.

Old Computers- Dell Optiplex GX620

 Optiplex 620 USFFOur Lifecycle Management of desktop hardware sometimes turns up some gems, today we had a venerable Dell Optiplex GX620 ultra small form factor desktop PC returned for recycling. This has to be one of the more unusual desktop computer designs, the small size is made possible by the use of an external power supply of comparable dimensions to the PC itself.

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