IT Blog Award Winner


Thanks to all those that voted for “IT Should Just Work” in the IT Blog Awards and passed the devious maths test at the bottom of the voting form. I’m shocked and humbled to let you all know that the results are in and this blog won the award for Best Analysis. It’s surprised me, and the flurry of social media activity through the weekend following the announcement has shown there’s some big winners in the other categories.

Cisco Blog Awards Winner

I’d recommend anyone reading this visits the IT Blog Awards page and checks out the other winning blogs. Congratulations all!

To quote the list:

Thanks again- it’s always good to know that someone reads what I write and (hopefully) finds it useful or informative.

One thought on “IT Blog Award Winner

  1. James Lofton

    Congrats all the winners! Thank you for sharing this post. It’s great to know this happy news. Keep going. It will motivate those who read this post. Once again congratulating you all winners.i have checked that IT Blogs Award Page now. I think it can help with completing my writings. Really impressed.

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