Content Library fails to create when target datastore contains a space


A quick note on an issue I spotted in VMware vSphere 6.5 when creating a new content Library. If the datastore being used for the new library contains a space in it’s name then the Create Content Library process fails. The error given is “The specified parameter was not correct: The provided storage backing xxxxx xx for library xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx is invalid.”. For example, if a second vSAN cluster has been created and the default name “vsanDatastore (1)” was used for the datastore.






Rename the target datastore to a name which does not contain a space then repeat the Content Library creation process.



This occurred in my environment running vSphere 6.5 (vCenter VCSA build and hasn’t been thoroughly tested for repeatability (at least by me).

3 thoughts on “Content Library fails to create when target datastore contains a space

  1. The ByteFlighter

    Absolutely perfect write up. Not too often you find that EXACT information you need to correct the problem you have. I was deploying a second content library for a secondary vSAN cluster to enable our users to use ISOs on either the 1st or 2nd cluster with two different vSAN datastores. Both names of my vSAN datastores had spaces in them; after elimnating the spaces, the 2nd content library was able to be built and subscribe to the first. If you are having this issue, the write up above with solve it. I am using 6.7 btw.


  2. Mark

    Bug still exists in 6.7u1.

    It must have regressed at some point as I had a content library created on my vSAN datastore but couldn’t upload anything to it. So I deleted it, but couldn’t recreate it. Renamed my vSAN datastore without a space and voila, could create another library and am uploading my ISO into it. Thanks!

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