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A Towel Day Adventure

As any Hoopy Frood will know May 25th is Towel Day and to celebrate you could sit down with the book, or watch the TV show or the movie, or you could just read a towel. But instead why not dust off the 1980’s text adventure of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

To save you finding an old 486 and dusting off those MS-DOS disks there’s several ways of getting this Infocom classic running on your modern computer, here’s a guide to some of them.

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EqualLogic Upgrade FTP Permission Denied Error

Whilst trying to update firmware on a Dell EqualLogic PS6500 I received the error FTP: Permission denied: recv failed. It turns out that this was down to a Java problem on my Windows 7 workstation, rather than the EqualLogic.


The solution was to install a Microsoft HotFix. Once this was installed, and the workstation restarted, the upload worked first time.

Lost a DreamSpark product key?

Microsoft DreamSpark is a great resource for staff and students in Higher Education- it gives you access to many Microsoft packages for free, so if you haven’t already got access then I’d recommend looking into it.

One request that I often face is from students who have downloaded Windows 7 from DreamSpark via the OnTheHub/ELMS system but mislaid their Product Key.  This post tells you how to retrieve it (these instructions also apply to other DreamSpark packages where a product key is used).

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