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Finding Deprecated VMFS Volumes

Following an upgrade to vSphere 6, hosts popped up an error message reporting that some old VMFS volumes were found on the host. Whilst these still worked, it would be prudent to tidy them up and replace them with modern datastores. The message is:

“Deprecated VMFS volume(s) found on the host. Please consider upgrading volume(s) to the latest version”


Whilst this highlights that there is an issue, the GUI message doesn’t indicate which volumes (or how many) are affected. The following quick bit of PowerCLI produces a table of the datastores with a VMFS version of less than 5.

Get-Datastore |
 Where-Object { $_.ExtensionData.Info.VMFS.MajorVersion -lt 5} |
 Select-Object Name, FreeSpaceGB, CapacityGB, @{n='VMFS Version';e={$_.ExtensionData.Info.VMFS.MajorVersion}}

Example Output:

Name           FreeSpaceGB CapacityGB VMFS Version
----           ----------- ---------- ------------
VOL-VM01            574.77    2047.75            3
VOL-VM02           1924.05    2047.75            3


Quick Tip- Deleting iOS Apps

iOS OneDrive AppProblem: I’m trying to delete an iOS app from an iPad (9.3.2) , I hold down my finger on the icon on the homescreen till they all jiggle but no little x appears on the icon.
Solution: In the Settings App, under “General” then “Restrictions” ensure that “Deleting Apps” is allowed. Go back to the home screen and try again- the small x should now appear.
Enable Deleting Apps on iOS

Running as a different user in Windows 10

Right-clicking on a desktop application on the Start Menu in Windows 10 gives you the option of running this application as administrator, with raised privileges. But what happens if you want to run as a different user?

The quick way is to right-click on the application and instead of choosing “Run as Administrator”, choose “Open File Location”. The shortcut will then be shown in a Windows Explorer window, Now we revert to a Windows 7/8 method. Hold down shift, right-click on it, and choose “Run as a different user”.
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