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Fahrenheit vs Celsius in Outlook 2013

imageWhen using Outlook 2013, the Calendar conveniently displays the current weather and temperature at the top of the pane. The location can be switched using the drop down on the weather itself (for some reason my English-UK Office setup decided that I was most likely a New Yorker following installation) but changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius is not as obvious.

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Functional Dependency Symbol in Word

imageIf you’re writing functional dependencies in a Microsoft Word 2010 document and want to insert the “Long Rightwards Arrow From Bar” symbol you should select “Symbol” from the Insert Ribbon (in Word 2010), and then on the Symbol dialog window select the “Segoe UI Symbol” font and you will find the symbol in the “Supplemental Arrows-A” subset. Then just click the “Insert” button.


Converting UNIX Timestamps to Excel Dates

Unix Timestamps in ExcelFaced with analysing a proprietary log file from a Linux system I turned to Excel to look at the data. The dates in this log file were stored in the standard UNIX timestamp format (number of seconds since midnight on the 1st January 1970) so I needed a formula to convert this into something readable. This is what I came up with. Continue reading