I’m an IT Professional with over twenty years employment in the industry and experience covering a wide range of technology. I currently spend my weekdays in the employ of a top UK University IT department dealing with stuff like servers, storage, source code, service management, SQL databases, systems (of the operating kind) and much more for several thousand staff and students.

Although primarily involved with Microsoft Azure, VMware (ESXi, vSphere, NSX, and vSAN), Windows, and Linux environments I get up to a bit of everything; I have experience of Dell, HP, and QNAP storage; and Dell, HP, and (going back a bit) SGI, Sun, and even Viglen servers. End-User computing wise, I’m currently using a Dell XPS-15 as my day-to-day device, (previously a Microsoft Surface Pro), and in previous years have spent quite a bit of time in front of (and inside of) Dell Latitude and OptiPlex units. You may have found this site through my work with the Application Jukebox app-virtualisation platform. My current development work is primarily in PowerShell (and PowerCLI), VB.NET, and HTML/CSS- often backed with MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases.

   VMware Certified Associate 6 Data Center Virtualization VMware Certified Professional

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You can get in touch with me via twitter or send an email to chris (at) isjw (dot) uk

This site

In amongst some (hopefully) funny and intuitive comments this site aims to offer some useful IT knowledge which you are welcome to use. The information in here worked for me, but may not work for you so please bear this in mind if you are planning on following this advice. I cannot accept responsibility for any lost data, damaged computers, missing cats or any other unforeseen incidents caused by following in my footsteps. If I jumped off a cliff you’d at least backup and think about it before jumping after me, and computing advice should be taken in the same way.

Similarly, any recommendations of products or services I mention herein should be considered my personal opinion. Please think carefully before spending money (or not spending money) based on what you read here and check any specifications out with the vendor concerned (hey, you might even be able to blag a product related T-shirt from them for doing so). If you do discover any inaccuracies please let me know using the comment boxes provided and I’ll endeavour to correct them as soon as possible. Please also comment if you get a particularly nice vendor T-shirt.

This is my personal site and any views expressed are mine and not my employer’s, except if my employer agrees with said views- in which case it’s up to them to say so. Anything else that I haven’t included in this disclaimer should be considered disclaimed, or whatever the legal term for “it’s not my fault” actually is.

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